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Quality Consulting & Test Center of Excellence

Quality is a planned and concerted effort; not an afterthought. Implementing a comprehensive quality organization calls for a detailed set of processes, best practices to adopt across the Software Test Life Cycle, a well trained test team, scalable test infrastructure and tools, objective metrics to measure quality and an overarching test strategy. With over 10 years of pure play independent testing expertise, we can help you set up an objective quality organization to help push product quality upstream. Such an implementation can be setup as a BOT model, where we build, operate and transfer the ownership to you or we continue to steer the overall quality effort, depending on your QA needs. We provide Quality Consulting regardless of the size of your quality organization; whether your company is chartered with just one product or it develops several products that need consistency in the overall set of QA efforts.

The whole gamut of our test consulting services includes:

Test consulting services

A TCoE is a team model where multiple teams come together to work in a “shared” mode to share knowledge, best practices and resources. It is a model which retains the core specialization of individual teams yet offers room for cross team collaboration.
The ideal operating model to be implemented for a TCoE will be one that leverages the strengths of the TCoE setup and at the same time that does not add too much overhead and bureaucracy to the overall setup. It will be setup as a model that promotes end to end collaboration, yielding:

  • Team load balancing
  • Cross product knowledge
  • Tools and process sharing
  • Faster team ramp up
  • Access to specialists

We have a pool of seasoned test managers at QA InfoTech who can spearhead the TCoE implementation for you, to reap the benefits outlined above. A TCoE implementation as seen below might appear straight forward, but has its own nuances which unless carefully implemented and customized, may add a lot of overhead to the test organization. Best practices around communication, knowledge sharing, team motivation, product and technology training are all very critical for the model to work smoothly. Having worked with several clients in a TCoE model, especially in agile life cycles, we are confident we can add significant value in implementing it, not just amongst centralized product teams but also amongst globally distributed teams.

Test center of excellence

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