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Security Testing Services

In today’s world of internet, where web applications are hubs to do business, information security is one of the prime concerns for all internet applications. Insecure web applications may result in loss or leak of critical data leading to serious business consequences. Security testing is conducted to find all potential loopholes and weaknesses in the application at the earliest and helps the development team fix them.

We at QA InfoTech have a dedicated, proficient security testing team experienced in both open source and commercial tools to take on security testing from early stages of the SDLC. We have integrated our testing process with industry best practices such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).
We provide end to end security testing for web application vulnerability assessment comprising of:

  1. Configuration Management Testing
  2.  Business Logic Testing
  3.  Authentication and Authorization Testing
  4.  Session Management Testing
  5.  Data Validation Testing
  6.  Denial of Service Testing
  7.  Web Services Testing
  8.  Ajax Testing
  9. Testing for OWASP top ten vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection 

Our security testing methodology is summarized as below:


To aid in our security testing efforts we leverage several categories of tools such as proxies, browser plugins, session management, data validation, web services and ajax testing tools. Over time we have realized that while Security testing is a niche, it really runs throughout the testing and product lifecycles. For more details, visit our latest blog on this topic

Why QA InfoTech for your Security Testing Needs?

  1. Testing in line with industry standards such as OWASP
  2. Ongoing R&D, active participation in industry conferences to enhance security testing processes and practices
  3. We work with you to identify problem areas and fix them as opposed to just reporting issues
  4. Security testing services combined with our usability test environments offer the most realistic end user scenario testing for your product
  5. Ramp up and lead time to bootstrap test effort is minimal due to availability of trained security test experts and tools

Security Testing Services
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» Penetration Testing
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