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Mobile Testing Services

To compete in the global market, product companies are releasing their applications in multiple platforms and devices, such as Windows, MAC, open source operating systems and several mobile computing devices including phones, e readers. There are a lot of nuances involved in testing for a product's functionality on a multitude of such smart devices. As a testing company, when it comes to mobile testing services, we have built our niche in testing applications that need to be supported on various devices and operating systems. We specialize specifically in testing applications on Android and iOS devices. We also test for all types of mobile applications - be it native, web or hybrid including an optimized test automation approach that accommodates a single test suite both on the mobile and non-mobile versions of the application.

Our smart devices testing scope spans smart phones, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, notebooks as some of the major categories. With these evolving devices and underlying technology, we strive to bring in our specialized test and domain knowledge to test applications and content on devices. Our frameworks empower us to extend additional test coverage for applications built with latest mobile and web technologies including HTML 5, CSS 3. Some major categories here include:

  • Testing for learning content on e readers touching upon areas such as functionality, performance, usability, accessibility, instructional design
  • Testing for BFSI specific applications on smart phones covering functionality, performance, security, usability
  • Testing enterprise level deployment of devices (e.g. e-readers or notebooks in large scale deployments such as governmental organizations) and associated applications primarily focusing on functionality, performance, security
  • Testing common end user applications (in domains such as retail, media, gaming) on devices such as smart phones, e-readers focusing on functionality, performance, usability, accessibility

Our Device Specific Application Testing Approach leverages the following:

  1. A generic set of test cases for Android and iOS devices that we've built through extensive research. Such a set is based on the Human Interface Guidelines(HIG) for Apple and Android devices.
  2. A set of trained engineers who not only understand the above defined guidelines, but also specialize in use of simulators and associated mobile testing tools.
  3. With the above two in place, for every client that has device specific testing needs we:
    1. Create an optimization plan that details what devices to cover, what coverage to achieve on each of them taking into account the product's time and cost constraints
    2. Have categorized device testing into 3 heads based on number of users using the device under test:
      1. Low Level: Devices which are out-dated and used by small number of users. Herein we only execute HIG level test cases.
      2. High Level: Some devices may be new in the market but are not available to the user community at large due to high cost or lack of global penetration. In such cases we only execute HIG and a set of chosen important test cases.
      3. Full Pass: In this category, devices are the latest in the market and widely used across the globe. Our strategy here is to execute HIG, minor, major and critical test cases.
Mobile Testing

We all have become avid mobile users over time. More so is the case for mobile testers who spend a significant amount of time on devices. Here's a quick read for you on "Healthy Practices in Mobile Testing" from our blog repository

Our Mobile Testing Differentiation:
  1. Test Optimization on the basis of mobile device market penetration
  2. A trained pool of mobile testers with not just functional testing but also usability testing experience
  3. Testing services across a wide set of popular devices and mobile operating systems
  4. State of the art mobile lab for device, emulator and simulator based testing
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