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Business Impact
Re-usable test automation suite:
Reduces cost of quality by 60%
Enhances test coverage by 30%
Flexible QA processes boost test efficiency by 40%
Proactive ticket monitoring brings down post release customer issues by 51%
Effective test optimization brings down cost of quality by 33%
Transparent communication improves triage team's efficiency by 20%
Robust test automation brings down test execution cycles by 50%
Infrastructure stability reduces QA cycles by 30%
Test cases for ad-hoc defects improves test coverage by 15%
Judicial use of test artifacts improves test coverage by 50%
Build deployment process changes bring in 40% savings in QA cycle time
Process changes bring in 0% sprint spill over for QA
Crowd Sourcing for mobile devices testing enhances test coverage by over 80%
Optimizing QA resources utilization brings down cost of QA by 30%
Test Automation brings down manual efforts around regression and maintenance by 50%
software testing services

Our Recent Webinar
software testing services
Effective traditional software testing means finding the right bugs whereas risk based testing involves deferring the right bugs. This fact sets it apart from the strategies, benefits and limitations involved in the traditional form of testing.
With the current day trend where customers product expectations are rapidly changing and everyone needs products that are really rich, fast and intuitive to use, the kinds of testing that are imperative are very different than a few years ago. With excellent internet bandwidth that is now available, products and applications are all scaling very well in their performance and this is something the customers are also expecting from the products they use.
Are you looking for specifics on implementing a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)? Or do you need insights into best practices to adopt in a TCoE? Or do you just need to understand what a TCoE is all about? Our white paper written based on our practical experience of having implemented several TCoEs will come in handy to help you understand the nuances of this specialized testing delivery model.
We all understand the importance of Performance Testing in the current day world. What methodology you use, what tools you leverage, how you set up your test infrastructure are some of the core differentiators in each performance test effort. Read our white paper for more details on how we at QA InfoTech, help our clients build and ship products that meet and exceed performance goals.
Secure applications are becoming the need of the day with increasing sophistication in not just the technology to build them but also in the hacking techniques intended to break them. This paper talks about the various types of hacking attacks, their impact on applications, mitigation strategies and tools that help in penetration testing to uncover vulnerabilities in the system, with a goal of making them hack-resistant.
A lot of guidelines and standards have been mandated to make web applications accessible to one and all, including the disabled. However are these guidelines fool proof? This white paper explores additional areas to consider from an accessibility stand point to make your web application truly valuable and accessible over and beyond the standard guidelines and checklists.
software testing services
Our “Services in a Box” (SiB) allows Modular Software Testing Services to be customized and packaged based on your requirements. Our flexible service model allows you to choose services listed as a standalone or in combination with other software testing services. SiB can help plan, deploy and manage any scale of testing efforts across a varied set of verticals. software testing services
Our client has a huge market capitalization across the different states of USA. Client wanted to deliver the Project with improved functionality in short time span meeting the business requirements. Case Studies
QA InfoTech provides Internationalization and Localization testing support to a company which is the leader in providing multimedia and creativity software products. It is a brand name which has market leading desktop publishing and media editing desktop products. Case Studies
Usability Testing and Performance Testing: Here's a case study on the usability and performance testing services that we extended to our client who builds tools for users to upload, edit and publish videos, helping them penetrate into newer target markets. Case Studies
Usability Testing: Read how we created a 100% direct savings in execution time for our client in the project management space, through our usability inputs. Case Studies
Performance Testing: Short release timelines, paired engineering efforts, Agile execution mode...This case study talks about how we handled a Performance Test effort for one of our clients in the Learning domain Case Studies
A 24 hour turnaround for testing content for a leading education and information company? Is it possible? This case study explains how we achieved this through careful planning and diligent execution. Case Studies
Read on to see how we helped a leading maker of learning e-books manage their global content testing efforts. Case Studies
Here's a case study on how we helped our client, a leading video technology, analytics and monetization solutions provider, address some of their core challenges at hand in ensuring quality in the RIA world where comprehensive test coverage is critical but tough to achieve. Case Studies
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